c.1937 Marx, Universal Bus Terminal in Original Box

c.1937 Marx, Universal Bus Terminal in Original Box

According to Maxine Pinsky, Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys, Volume II, pg. 70, the Marx, Universal Bus Terminal and Marx, Liberty Bus were introduced approximately six years apart. (The bus was first manufactured in 1931). However, despite the difference in age, the bus was sometimes included as part of a set in addition to being sold individually. There's no way to determine if the two toys were combined after manufacture, but regardless this example of the Bus Terminal and Liberty Bus are both awesome lithographed tin toys. Both are in excellent to excellent+ condition. The super scarce box is in excellent condition as well.

The Universal Bus Terminal is a perfect example of detailed art deco lithography. It consists of a rectangular base embossed with an offset cobblestone road. One side of the road is flanked by an oblong "Bus Stop" "No Parking" zone. A three dimensional gasoline pump is fixed onto one end while a manually rotating 4-way stop sign is planted on the opposite end. 

On the other side of the roadway is the two-level bus terminal with its tiered roof and rounded ends. Centered at the building's tallest section is an arched, open entrance-way. The cobblestone street extends through the opening. Embossed strips of raised metal lithoed with the largest U.S. destination cities separates the two levels. Windows showing different bus terminal businesses like a restaurant, baggage, bus schedule, and cafe appear on every side and level of the building. The black and white checkerboard roof culminates into a three dimensional art deco rounded sign announcing the arrival of the next bus; 7:15. A green U.S. mailbox is also fixed adjacent to the terminal. 

The Marx, Liberty Bus is a beautiful crimson red and black elongated vehicle with striped roof panels and deep blue wheels. The body, roof, running boards, fenders, and hood were all stamped from a single sheet of tinplate. Only the wheels, grille assembly, and fold-up silhouette driver were added as separately. Curtains can be seen in every window. A weighted, inertia driven flywheel geared to the rear axle provides sustained motion. 

The box is a simple all-text style with the name of the toy on every panel. The Marx Gas Service Station, Airport, and Freight Station are indicated as appropriate add-on sets.

Size: 6½" x 12" x 3". Bus 5".

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 1203


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