c.1956 T.P.S., Mechanical Skating Chef in Original Box

c.1956 T.P.S., Mechanical Skating Chef in Original Box

Classic tin litho clockwork skating toy featuring mustachioed chef carrying a fruit plate. Outstanding near mint condition....actually one of the best I've seen for this toy. Works beautifully and comes complete with original color box. 

High quality Japanese toy produced by one of the leading tinplate toy companys. Two great things about this toy. First is the lithography; details coloration, and anatomically accurate in scale. The pants and apron have a satin finish to them which adds to the brilliant, "clean" appearance. Second is the unusual movement; a *roller skating chef with food platter skates on wheeled left foot with right leg pushing off causing body to dip in realistic skating motion. 

Most important for the correct functioning of this toy is the completeness of the friction wheel. This is the large black wheel attached to the figures inside left foot. It's the rubber rim around this wheel which provides the necessary friction to start the toy moving and then maintain its rhythmical motion. The rubber on this example is 100% complete.

The colorful box was illustrated with cartoon-like drawings. The cover shows the happy, skating chef delivering his order to three seated, (and patient) customers. The two long side panels show the chef skating along with two frolicking kiddies. The side panels show a single empty skate, which is kind of neat. The original insert is still inside the box.

The T.P.S. logo appear on both the toy and box.

Size: 6¼" x 2½" x 4".

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 405


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