1940 Marx, Flipo the Jumping Dog in Original Box

1940 Marx, Flipo the Jumping Dog in Original Box

Classic tin litho somersaulting Flipo The Jumping Dog complete with original box and key. The toy and box were produced in at least two versions over its 10 year history. This one is the earliest and most difficult to find. It was available for the original market introduction in 1940 as a Sears exclusive. 

Early versions of this toy can be identified in several ways. The black and white lithography was used early on. After a short time, brown coloration was added to the fur. Early versions also spelled the name of the toy with a single "p".  Flipo's produced after 1941 were all spelled with a double "P" as Flippo. This also used an unattached separate key. Key's were permanently connected to later Flippo's. There is no Marx logo on the toy.

This is also the earliest version of the box with complex a multicolored printed illustration. Later versions were black and white and had only simple drawings of the toy.

The sudden flipping movement was used in other Marx/Linemar toys like Dumbo and Popeye. Wind him up, release the start lever, and tension forced into an internal metal ribbon is released against a steel rod which passes through both legs. This pushes him strongly up and backwards. It will almost always land in an upright position, but not all the time. For this reason the toy is often found with scratches scuffs, and dents after only a few uses. Best of all this example works beautifully!

Size: 4" tall. 

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 100


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