c.1952 Wyandotte No.483 Hook & Ladder Truck in Original Box

c.1952 Wyandotte No.483 Hook & Ladder Truck in Original Box

From Wyandotte's small semi-trailer series comes the beautiful No.483 Hook and Ladder fire truck. It's all pressed steel and comes complete with both original ladders. Outstanding near mint condition and complete with original high grade box. 

Measuring a scant 8½" long, but loaded with detail. Semi-trailer is a two piece truck and is all lithographed pressed steel. The black and white checkerboard grille was separately tabbed to the cab. Fire department logos on both doors with fleet footed wings on each wheel fender. Cab roof lithoed black with white overhead lights. In back of the cab the rear was lithoed in yellow with red cross-hatching and black highlights. Rear two wheeled trailer features "WFD" logos on its raised yellow and red ladder platform. On top of the platform are die cut slots that fit both ladders simultaneously. On the sides of the trailer are a pair of really neat "Wyandotte Fire Dept." decals showing a large meter in the center along with typical fire tools and a large hose at the top. Both ladders are original to the toy. The six Wyandotte embossed tires are solid rubber.

Red, white, and blue box printed with illustrations of the truck with ladders raised in front of a burning home. A second illustration shows the placement of the ladders. The opposite panels have another detailed drawing of the truck surrounded by a white on blue back ground. The name of the toy and original 49¢ stamped price are also on these panels. The endflaps include the company, name, address, and logo.

Size: 8½". 

Sold: Dec. 2007

Price Sold: $ 139


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