1886 McLoughlin, District Messenger Boy in Original Box

1886 McLoughlin, District Messenger Boy in Original Box

126 year old high grade example of the early McLoughlin Bros., "Game Of The District Messenger Boy or Merit Rewarded". Comes complete with original chromolithographed wooden game box, folding playing board with original paper separator, four die cast metal Messenger Boy playing pieces, and original lithographed spinner. It grades excellent+.

Brilliantly lithographed toy dates from the Golden Age of antique vintage games. Game collectors are familiar with the full panel vertical box cover showing a swift-footed uniformed messenger boy making his way through the city. The expertise used to design and layout the game title, images, scrollwork, and flowers have long since vanished. A less common version of the game produced in 1889 was not printed with the Merit Rewarded slogan. Copyright date, manufacturer name and address were printed near the lower bottom edge. The inside edges of both the top and bottom halves were paper covered as well. 

The cover fits snugly, but not tightly over the raised edges of the box bottom. It has both of its original parts boxes fixed on either end. The board fits neatly in the center and protects the playing pieces. The playing board is hard thick cardboard paper covered with extensive step by step illustrations. It still has its original paper separator which prevented the two inner board halves from rubbing together. The mellow aged yellow and red playing squares occupy most of the board. Small vignette illustrations were drawn in three corners. The lower right fourth corner has a brass lined 3/8" hole to hold the spinner. Instructions are printed along the bottom edge. The outside of the board is covered with red textured thick paper material and is complete. 

All four die cast metallic painted Messenger Boys are still with the toy. The 1¾" tall Messenger Boys all have the same colored uniforms, but each have a different colored base. The lithographed spinner has its original, unbent metal arrow. It's 2½" in diameter. 

Size: 17" x 9¼" x 1¾". 

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 331


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