1938 Marx, Police Siren Motorcycle in Original Box

1938 Marx, Police Siren Motorcycle in Original Box

Impressive example of Marx's clockwork tin litho Police Siren Motorcycle (a.k.a. Police Mechanical Motorcycle) complete with its original illustrated box and correct die cast metal key. Toy works beautifully and is in excellent to excellent+ condition. 

The Police Siren Motorcycle features an embossed, combination motorcycle/rider. He wears a blue uniform trimmed in gold with brown boots, white gloves, and two holstered sidearms. The bike has an orange frame with blue wire wheels and treads. Engine details and P.D. logos were lithoed onto the frame. The right side also has a large silver siren attached and its key wind mechanism. A gray foot rest is attached below the frame.

The front tire revolves freely, while the rear is lithographed as part of the bike. The front is also angled to the left causing it to move in continuous circles. In front of the rear tire are two black "training wheels". The one on the left is wooden and provides balance, while the right is rubber. This generates friction to move the vehicle forward while simultaneously providing the necessary power for the screeching siren. Best of all the toy works beautifully; both movement and sound.

As with many Marx toys small changes were made to the original design to produce a different toy. Specifically the Tipover Motorcycle and Motorcycle with sidecar differ slightly only in accessories and color. One interesting similarity is the placement of the "dashboard" gauges. They were mistakenly placed in front of the headlight, rather than over the gas tank. With this configuration there's no way for the cop to see the gauges because 1) they're upside down, and 2) the headlight blocks their view. 

The key is the original Marx die cut metal key for this toy.

The box was illustrated with a detailed drawing of the cop chasing two vehicles through the farm countryside. It shows him rounding a curve in hot pursuit, while emitting a loud "whee-e-e" sound. The name of the toy was printed along the upper horizontal edge. The two endflaps were designed so that one end would remain closed. The hinged flap has printed on it "open this end", white the locked tab side indicates to "open other end". The side panels are text. 

The Police Siren Motorcycle originally sold for 57¢.

Size: 8½" long x 5¾" tall. 

Sold: Dec. 2007

Price Sold: $ 507


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