1957 Nomura Merry-Go-Round Truck in Original Box

1957 Nomura Merry-Go-Round Truck in Original Box

Awesome battery operated Remote Control Merry-Go-Round Truck manufactured by Nomura, Japan in amazing near mint+ condition. Superb store sock with four actions and all of them work beautifully! Comes complete with original high grade near mint box and insert. 

Classic lithographed tinplate flatbed tractor trailer truck features a rotating, three-horse Merry-Go-Round. Tethered remote control changes direction of Merry-Go-Round and movement of truck simultaneously. A loud bell rings every time the "Merry" makes a complete revolution. 

Brilliantly colored truck is all embossed tinplate with solid rubber treaded tires. Yellow/orange, red, blue, black, and gray with polished tin hood ornament, front bumper, hub caps, and cab steps. A large "MERRY" sign was lithoed onto the cab roof. The trailer was appropriately lithoed with red and yellow slat work. The license plate in the rear dates the toy.

The Merry-Go-Round is 4" in diameter. Just like a full size "merry" it has a base with three riders on colored horses. Red and yellow/orange striped columns support the extensively lithoed (and embossed) canopy. The top of the canopy has four different animals, musical notes and a concentrically swirled design. The edges of the base and canopy with decorated with a series of multicolored circles. A bell placed under the carousel ring every time it makes a complete revolution. The wide interior column was lithoed with rocket ships, stars, moons, and planets. Also of interest, it has a vintage split windshield. 

The metallic blue hand-held remote control is tethered to the truck using a 4ft. long braided wire. The wire is original. The two bottom controller has its original paper insert. The buttons move the truck forward or revers while changing the circular direction of the Merry-Go-Round.

The box features a colorfully illustrated drawing of the toy in a carnival setting. It shows several kiddies on the ride, as well as several on-lookers. It has its original circular insert (not photographed).

 Size: 8¼ x 4" x 4". 

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 429


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