c.1935 Lindstrom, Skeeter Bug in Original (Yellow) Box

c.1935 Lindstrom, Skeeter Bug in Original (Yellow) Box

This clockwork steel litho Skeeter Bug manufactured by Lindstrom is the second of two boxed versions that I purchased late last year. The toy itself was actually produced around 1930, but the illustrated box was printed several years after that. The only difference between the two versions is the box.

The toy was designed to simulate an amusement park bumper car traveling in the pattern of a figure "8". It has a bulbous beetle like appearance combined with art deco styling. 

The body is all pressed steel including the wheels and chassis. It has a large chrome plated grille assembly and winged side molding which incorporates the number "8" (representing its figure "8" movement). The low, sleek windshield was divided into three sections. A celluloid (i.e., windshield) was not used. The woman and man cockpit occupants are dressed in typical early to mid-1930's attire. It has its original rubber bumper guard which is complete and intact. The die cast metal key is definitely old, but is difficult to determine if it's original to the toy. 

The underside is a single, die cut chassis plate. The front wheels move forwards and reverse while the rear wheels swivel. Both pair of wheels are connected internally so that it's able to change direction while simultaneously turning right or left. The clockwork motor is housed inside the red rectangular block between the front wheels. Movement is controlled by the start/stop lever located between the front wheels. The toy weighs in excess of one pound. Best of all it works great!

The box was printed in yellow, red, and blue and illustrated on every panel. Two panels depict the Skeeter in a carnival setting with a silhouette of a barker yelling to the crowd below. A ferris wheel can be see in the upper left corner. The opposite panels show the Skeeter with its two helmeted occupants. The name of the toy was printed on every panel. the endflaps show a profile of the toy along with its catalog number. One set of endflaps is still factory tape sealed.

Size: 9" long x 5" at its widest point. 

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 1225


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