c.1951 Lupor, No.801 Fire Chief Car in Original Box

c.1951 Lupor, No.801 Fire Chief Car in Original Box

Large and unusually shaped tin litho friction drive Fire Chief Car manufactured by Lupor Metal Products. Includes internal friction drive siren mechanism. Comes complete with original box.

Marx-like product with coupe body made from a single sheet of pressed tinplate. Edges are then folded over the single plate, polished tin chassis to form a sealed vehicle. Rear drive friction mechanism connected between the rear axles and that's it. Simple, yet elegant. 

Beautifully lithographed in brilliant cherry red and trimmed with fancy yellow scroll work. Additional litho includes wide mouth grille and front bumper, lights (head, tail, front hood, and roof), double ax logos on doors, and side molding. Fire Chief and Fire Dept. logos are also featured as well as the large Lupor logo on the sloping rear roof. Tires are solid rubber. 

It's four occupants with lithographed in perspective with portraits on the side windows, full faces in front windshield, and backside of the heads in rear windshield. Chief sits in right back seat position.  

All-text box printed with toy name, company name and address, short instruction list, and the immortal credo "Children Must Play -  Buy American Made Toys". End flap stamped with corresponding product name (so customers could tell which toy was inside the box) plus its original $1.49 retail price.

Size: 11". 

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 101


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