1953 GAMA, No. 505 Dare Devil in Original Box

1953 GAMA, No. 505 Dare Devil in Original Box

Fantastic two piece clockwork toy manufactured by GAMA, Western Germany. No.505 Dare Devil includes barrel-like "track" and wind-up racer. Comes complete with it original full color box and correct GAMA key.

Toy action is based on the build-up of centrifugal force. Basically, a smooth walled hard plastic cylinder allows a tin litho clockwork racer to amplify its own centrifugal force. There are no obstacles that would cause the racer to slow down. In addition its four rubber tires enables it to attain maximum speed in the shortest amount of time. The applied force increases to gradually move the racer up the sides of the container against the force of gravity. As the motor unwinds, the speed decreases and it drops to the bottom. This drop can be sudden. So although the motor works well I didn't want to run it around inside the container because it might have scratched the toy. 

The plastic cylinder nests inside a circular cardboard sheath, or tube with a flat bottom. The exterior was illustrated to give it the appearance of a carnival-type circular wooden stadium. It shows the driver standing in front of the racer on an elevated platform. People are buying tickets. Several more people can be seen walking up the inside of the wooden cylinder, while on the outside others decide whether or not to buy a ticker. The entire illustration was laminated and the bottom sealed with parchment type paper. It's marked Made in Western Germany.

The bullet shaped silver, red, and blue racer is all tin litho with a sealed chassis with embossed grille and hood vents. A single driver lays inside the cockpit. It winds using a separate nickel plated cast iron key embossed with the GAMA logo.

The box is fabulous. The cover was designed to look like the top of the Dare Devil racing track. It shows a multitude of spectators looking down into the the cylinder watching the racer speed round and round. Two of the side panels duplicate, in more detail, the illustration on the outside of track. The other two panels show schematic instructions for getting the car started inside the cylinder. This is a two piece box with the top fitting entirely over the bottom. The bottom section is made from pressed (yellowed) thin wall European-type cardboard.

Size: Cylinder 7½" diameter, 5½" tall. Racer 3½" long. 

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 307


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