1930 Marx, Andy in Person in Original Box

1930 Marx, Andy in Person in Original Box

Magnificent high grade tin litho Andy In Person (e.g. Amos N' Andy) walker manufactured by Louis Marx Co. Gorgeous excellent+ to near mint condition complete with rare original box. Super high condition box also grades excellent+ to near mint. 

Early clockwork toy came in several product and package variations. This example is the super scarce pink coat version. It was more commonly available in blue. It's is also the version with stationary, non-moving eyes, and dark skin color. 

One of the neat things about this toy is its ultra high relief pressed tin plate face. In other words to make it more realistic the facial features were deeply recessed (see last photo). Stationary eye versions could be manufactured this way. Andy has a stern, yet appealing appearance characterized by his classic half-smoked cigar jammed into the corner of his mouth. He sports a well-used brown bowler hat with red band, tipped to one side. His coat is pink with white shirt and vest. Andy wears his F.A.T.C. (Fresh Air Taxicab Company) badge in his left coat pocket and white gloves. The arms, by the way, are original to the toy. His trousers are light beige and shoes are flat, dark brown. The underside of the shoes was left as bare metal. 

The art deco designed box shows Andy seated at his desk holding a candlestick telephone. The text on this panel is simply "Andy". The original Marx logo is conspicuously  featured. Copyright information and manufacturer name were also printed. The side panels were printed with an identical, yet a slightly redder version of the same illustration. The endflaps are all text.

It originally sold for $1.39

Size: 11¼".

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 2552


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