1940 Marx, Giant King Racer in Original Box

1940 Marx, Giant King Racer in Original Box

Outstanding example of one of the most popular of all Marx large racers is the Giant King Racer. Measuring over a foot in length it's in brilliant excellent++ to near mint condition. It's all tin litho with wind-up clockwork motor. It has it's correct driver and comes complete with its high grade box in excellent condition. This is the first time I've offered this specific vehicle because it's typically found in much lower grade. The box is extremely difficult to find in any condition. 

The racer is primarily red with yellow and black highlights. It has six embossed black exhaust pipes running # of the length on each side of the car (i.e. a V12 engine). The front is rounded in yellow with black and red checkerboard corners. Long yellow body trim resembling the "wings of Mercury" extend backwards from the engine to the rear of the drivers cockpit. The number "711" folds in the center of the radiator with the Marx logo just beneath it. "711" appears again on the sides of the car below the driver. The rear is boat-tail shaped with an embossed, tapered yellow cowl with checkerboard center. The driver wears a green jacket and red beret. 

The 2¼" diameter tin litho wheels have black tires with red centers. The axle position is stationary allowing to move only in a straight line. A 1941 variation of this racer has green centered wheels with three axle positions. This permits right and left curving in addition to straight motion. The tires are smooth without any tread embossing.

The lithography and styling were all intended to give the appearance of intense forward speed, even when standing still. This was successfully accomplished. 

The motor has an attached key and an internal braking cam. The cam allows you to wind up the motor without it unwinding in your hands. It's automatically released when the tires make contact with the ground. It all comes down to looking fantastic, while working beautifully!

The box is a plain unillustrated text style box. The toy name appears on two main panels. The remaining two main panels are blank. The endflaps include the manufacturer name, slogan, and a pre-1939 Marx logo. The box was most likely printed several months before the "new" logo went into use.

Size: 13" x 4" wide x 3¼" high not including driver. 

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 930


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