1931 Marx, (Walking) Sandy in Original Box

1931 Marx, (Walking) Sandy in Original Box

Terrific clockwork tin litho toy based on the Orphan Annie comic strip created by Harold Gray. Includes scarce "comic-style" illustrated original box. Sandy carries his original Orphan Annie satchel in his mouth; not a reproduction. The key also appears to be original to the toy. 

Beautifully colored dark orange with black spots, ears, and facial features. The black areas were lithoed to look "sketched". The muzzle, eyes, collar and tail were lithoed white. Sandy's name appears on both sides of his collar. The satchel in his mouth is frequently missing or replaced. This is an original with correct copyright information on the sides. Annie's name, leather bindings, and lock are shown on the front.

This is an actual walking toy with all four legs moving in tandem. In other words the two legs on the right both move in the same direction, and opposite to the two left legs. In this way it moves forward easily while looking very realistic. 

The illustrated box compliments the toy beautifully. Sandy appears in front of his name casting a shadow on the lettering behind him. It's colored dark orange and black and features the well known blank-eyed Sandy with an "ARF" word balloon. A smaller illustration with a head portrait of Sandy on the left appears on the narrow box panels. The endflaps are text and include the full name of the toy.

The toy was originally available at the same time as Marx's Little Orphan Annie Skipping Rope. Walking Sandy sold for 48¢.

Size: 5" long, 4" tall. 

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 262


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