c.1916 Animate Toy, 5pc. Baby Haymaker Set in Original Box

c.1916 Animate Toy, 5pc. Baby Haymaker Set in Original Box

Incredible five piece tin litho "Baby" Haymaker set from Animate Toy complete with original box and replaced insert.  Except for the tractor it appears never to have been used. 

Originally located in New York City, the Animate Toy company produced this set only one year after they had been established. It includes their patented wind-up tractor, a two piece hay wagon, hay mower, and hay rake. Also comes with two miniature hay bales which were replaced. The tractor is beige with red striped rear wheels and chrome plated grille. The other pieces are green with black supports, seats, and gray undersides. 

The wind-up tractor moves using the simplest of concepts. Identical to winding up a rubber band, movement of the rear wheels backwards will cause the internal spring to tighten around the rear axle. Then release the toy. As the spring uncoils it rotates the wheels forward. There are warnings both on the box and the underside of the tractor to never move the wheels forward manually. This will cause the spring to break free from the axle and it won't work. This one works beautifully, but it's still a 90+ year old toy and very fragile. I tried it, it went a few inches, and that was good enough for me. 

The hay wagon is made from a separate lower section consisting of the four wheels, frame and hitch. The top includes the hay container and movable supports to hold the hay in place. The two bales fit perfectly right in the center. The front axle and wheels can be turned.

The hay mower has a movable lever and a blade which can be raised or lowered. The two may have been connected. It also has an embossed seat and front hitch.

The hay rake includes 17 circular tines connected to a frame which can be raised and lowered. A tab on the left-most tine periodically hits up against a second tab located on the inner wheel. This will stop the forward motion, but also raises and lowers the rake (but not consistently). 

The box features a full panel illustration of the Baby Haymaker set with tiny kid farmers. Word balloons were used making it appear more like a comic strip. The side panels each have a different illustration, but without the word balloons. Additional Animate Toy products are also shown. Because of the high grade condition of the set, a cardboard insert was painstakingly reproduced to firmly hold everything in place. The inside of the top and inside of the bottom were also both relined. 

Size: Tractor 3¼" x 2½". Wagon 6¼" x 2½". Mower 6½" x 4". Rake 5¼" x 5". Box 9" x 9" x 3". 

Price Sold: $ 284


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