1931 Marx, Merry Makers Mouse Band in Original Box

1931 Marx, Merry Makers Mouse Band in Original Box

Awesome example of The Merry Makers mouse band by Marx. Complete, working and in excellent+ condition. Even more incredible it comes with it's highly prized original box which still has it original inside top flaps. The flaps include the all-important schematic and directions printed on them. It's probably THE most popular early 1930's lithographed tinplate, mechanical toy produced by the Louis Marx company. 

One look at this clockwork toy immediately conveys four hep mice "dressed to the nine's".  Each wears a black tuxedo, black tie, white shirt, red vest, and spats. The lithography design on the piano and chairs match the same slick style worn by the mice.  Wind the attached key, move the lever to start and the animated foursome; dancer, pianist, fiddler, and drummer come to life. 

Besides the well known allusion to a certain Disney mouse, the Merry Makers were actually based on one of the most popular 1931 orchestras. The illustrated box provides the clue to their identity. It shows the tiered orchestra on-stage with the leader front and center high-stepping with right hand forefinger pointing straight up. The resemblance to Cab Calloway and His Orchestra from 1931 is unmistakable (see photo). 

Four different versions of this toy were produced. Differences between the band leader mouse on top of the piano and the addition of a large, half-circle marquee or backdrop are noted. From least common to most common this includes:

1) Violin player with piano marquee

2) Baton leader with piano marquee

3) Violin player without piano marquee

4) Baton leader without piano marquee

Size: 9" x 9" x 5"

Sold: Apr. 2006

Price Sold: $ 1346


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