c.1948 Marx Sam The City Gardener In Original Box

c.1948 Marx Sam The City Gardener In Original Box

Superb tin litho and polystyrene clockwork Sam the City Gardener by Marx. Complete with original box and all six original tools.

Purchased from original owner who, in turn, had bought it on sale as a gift which was never given.

Features three wheel tin litho wheelbarrow. Front tire is black painted wood. Rear wheels are pressed tinplate. Coil spring clockwork motor powers the wheelbarrow. Sam swings freely however the toe of each show will occasionally make contact with the floor giving it the appearance of walking.

Sam is all hard polystyrene plastic with red and brown painted features. Six, in-scale, plastic polystyrene tools are also included (pitchfork, hoe, rake, shove, pick ax, and spade). Linemar used the same plastic figure in their jigger toy manufactured during the mid-50s. It cost $1.29.

Toy works great and looks fantastic.

Three color printed box features cartoon-like images of Sam with wheelbarrow full of flowers. Portrait, three-quarter perspective, and silhouette illustrations were printed on the different box panels.

Size: 8" tall, 4" wide and 8" long.

Date Sold: Mar. 2008

Price Sold: $ 261


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