1932 Marx, Popeye & Baggage in Original Box

1932 Marx, Popeye & Baggage in Original Box

This magnificent example of Marx's classic Popeye and Baggage tin litho mechanical toy is just incredible. Color and lithography are strong and bright. Surfaces are pristine with only a couple of tiny scattered nicks. Its original box is by far the highest grade I've seen for this toy. In fact, it surpasses the example  sold by Morphy Auctions from the Gary Selmonsky collection, Fall 2005, Lot 1498. Both the toy and original box offered here are in fabulous near mint condition. 

Known also as Popeye Express it features a walking Popeye carrying a wheelbarrow loaded with a padlocked steamer trunk. A stationary parrot perches on top of the trunk. Other versions include a mechanical parrot that pops out from the inside of the trunk, and another without any parrot. The walking actions between the toys are identical. 

The box features a panel wide illustration which accurately depicts the action and appearance of the toy, minus the parrot. It's a terrific image with very little text. The side panels show an angry Olive Oyl standing in front of a load of crashed baggage. She doesn't look too happy. The lower box endflaps interlock. The top endflap lid is hinged. It contains all four original interior flaps as well.

Size: 8¼" long, 8¼" tall.

Sold: Aug. 2006

Price Sold: $ 2225


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