1952 Structo, Hi-Lift Toyland Dump Truck (Wind-Up) in Original Box

1952 Structo, Hi-Lift Toyland Dump Truck (Wind-Up) in Original Box

From the early to mid 1950's many U.S. toy truck manufacturer's were making the switch from pressed steel to plastic. Structo was no different, however to delay the inevitable they started using die cast metals in place of steel. A few, like the Hi-lift Toyland Dump Truck included a clockwork motor to make them more attractive. Few models were produced with the clockwork mechanism. 

This example is unused store stock complete with the original box. As with many products designated as "unused store stock" there was a problem with the toy. A customer had probably returned it after it was sold. It was placed back into stock and stayed there for the next half century. In this case the "third" axle which holds the hi-lift scissors mechanism to the chassis was missing. I replaced it with an allen wrench and used a rubber pulley wheel to keep it from falling out. It works well and looks great, but it's not original to the toy. Replacing it with a contemporary correct axle is a very minor fix. 

Very attractive toy with die cast cab and chassis. Body and scissors lift mechanism are pressed steel. Clockwork motor is also steel and the housing around it is die cast. The six heavy tread tires are solid rubber with chrome metal plated hubs. The faux head lights are transparent plastic with chrome plated metal frames. It has all four original decals (two on the doors, two on the trailer body). The wind-up clockwork motor has an attached key between the two rear tires and comes with a start/stop lever. The motor works beautifully!

The scissors mechanism works manually by hand to raise the trailer. Once it's raised it locks in place until you push it down. 

The original box shows six simple illustrations of other Structo trucks. Another panel shows four more different trucks; 10 in all. Company information, catalog number, and truck name are printed on the end flaps and sides.

Size: 12" x 5" x 5".

Sold: Apr. 2006

Price Sold: $ 310


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