c.1942 Marx, Tumbling Monkey in Original Box

c.1942 Marx, Tumbling Monkey in Original Box

Graceful, Marx, Tumbling Monkey clockwork tin litho toy in near mint condition complete with original box. Neat little cartoon type critter dressed in a red bellhop uniform with matching cap and black shoes. During operation the toy balances on the two yellow chairs which are integrated into the figure's arms. Once wound, the toy performs repetitive somersaults turning in a clockwork direction. It works best on smooth level surfaces.....and yes, it works great!

Comes complete with original (and correct) Marx die cast metal key. 

Original box illustrated with animated like drawing showing the tumbling monkey doing his thing. Two of his little brother monkeys watch in admiration. Side panels include the name of the toy, as well as a facial portrait and side view of the performing monkey. 

It originally sold for 39¢

Size: 5" tall, 4½" wide

Sold: May 2006

Price Sold: $ 246


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