c.1956 Linemar, Disney Friction Convertible in Original Box

c.1956 Linemar, Disney Friction Convertible in Original Box

In researching this toy I reviewed five Disney toy reference books, six general toy reference books, two celluloid toy references, a pile of auction catalogs from four major toy auction houses going back to 1998, and the Internet. After several hours I couldn't find so much as a footnote for this toy. I've never seen it before. I've never heard of it before.  

This is the Disney Friction Convertible driven by Pluto and manufactured by Linemar. It comes with its original generic box showing Mickey behind the wheel. It somewhat resembles an early cherry red convertible T-Bird . It's very different from the Donald Duck Convertible. 

The toy is all tin litho except for the celluloid Pluto head and solid rubber tires. Front and rear bumpers, windshield frame, and hub caps are all chrome plated. Behind the wheel sits a celluloid Pluto complete with original ears. The ears were made from strips of celluloid painted black. 

This design is definitely mid to late 1950's with its rear tail fins and smoker side windows. The car has a blue interior. It shows Pluto correctly holding the steering wheel. The toy is marked Linemar on the cowl. The underside chassis is a single, embossed, black lithoed plate. A sticker indicating Linemar and Walt Disney Productions remains securely fixed to it. 

The box has two panels which show an illustration of the convertible with Mickey at the helm waving and smiling. As a cost savings measure Linemar frequently used a generic box which included only one Disney character, yet it would be used indiscriminately for any of them. The other two box panels show Mickey in the convertible from the side. In this drawing he looks more rat-like. The endflaps have color head portraits of Pluto and Donald.

Size: 6".

Sold: Jun. 2006

Price Sold: $ 560


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