c.1926 Kellerman, Clockwork "Frog Catching Fly"

c.1926 Kellerman, Clockwork

Manufactured by Georg Kellerman, & Co., Nuremberg, Germany. Small, cute and exceedingly difficult to find this limber, animated cartoon-like frog vibrates rapidly moving simultaneously from side to side. The hinged tongue moves up and down.

A fly attached to a wire on the frog's chest moves in the opposite direction. The final effect of a hungry frog reaching out to grab his next meal makes this one of the most sought after of all early German made toys. 

Toy is heavy tinplate. Key is attached. Every seam and tab were designed to assimilate into the surrounding metal. The quality is amazing. It works beautifully!

Size: 4-7/8" tall. 

Sold: Apr. 2006

Price Sold: $ 720


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