c.1969 Nomura, Space Robot X-70 (Tulip Head) in Original Box

c.1969 Nomura, Space Robot X-70 (Tulip Head) in Original Box

Magnificent example of Nomura's infamous battery operated Space Robot X-70, a.k.a Tulip Head Robot in remarkable near mint+ condition AND complete with its original box plus inserts. All actions work perfectly and consistently. Based on condition and completeness it's one of the finest and most important examples of this toy I've seen.

Tulip Head Robot is primarily lithographed tinplate with plastic accessories.

  1. Turn him on and he advances forwards with a lumbering movement; with his legs moving in alternate directions.
  2. Flashing lights illuminate his neck while producing a soft metallic sound.
  3. Suddenly he stops.
  4. The top of his head begin to illuminate and flash.
  5. His head then splits open in a petal-like "tulip" fashion into three pie-slice sections.
  6. This reveals a central stalk with a triple lens camera and an illuminated television screen. A lunar landscape with the planet Saturn is shown on the monitor.
  7. Immediately after it opens, the entire head section including the camera and TV screen begins to rotate clockwise.
  8. It then starts to emit a loud brrring sound.
  9. Three complete revolutions are made with it stopping in exactly the same position it started with face forward.
  10. The sound then stops, the flashing lights blink off, and the three heads sections snap closed.
  11. He starts to walk forward again and the cycle is repeated.

These complex and captivating actions account for its status as one of the most sought after Japanese made robots.  

The box features a towering, full panel vertical illustration of Tulip Head. The "insect-like" perspective looking up from its feet gives it a sense of awe and power. One of the side panels shows a close-up of the head sections fully extended with operating camera and television screens. The opposite panel shows a schematic of its multiple light, movement, and sound actions. It comes with its original box bottom and all four original cardboard inserts. 

Size: 12½" tall. 

Sold: Apr. 2006

Price Sold: $ 3456


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