1934 Marx, Buck Rogers 25th Century Rocket Ship in Original Box #3

1934 Marx, Buck Rogers 25th Century Rocket Ship in Original Box #3

Superb excellent+ to near mint example of one of the most sought after comic/space toys produced by the Marx company. Characterized by its brilliant multicolored lithography and fish-like qualities it comes complete with its highly prized original box in excellent condition.

The ship was produced in highly contrasting colors of dark orange, yellow, teal blue, black and white. The two, lower wavy three dimensional side fins (or wings) hide the large wheels which move the toy. The design of the large center top wing compliments the two lower wings. It also has two pairs of flat, oval horizontal fins, front and back.

The eighth upright fin in the rear is the tail fin which covers the sparking mechanism. Many times it's missing or has been replaced. This one is original. A new flint was installed so it sparks beautifully.

The exhaust has three die cut ovals which are lined with a sheet of  transparent green celluloid. Along the top center of the ship are five embossed hatch covers.

It has a stop/start lever, an attached cast iron key, and makes a loud "boing-boing" sound with sparking as it moves.

Images of Dr. Huer and Buck Rogers are lithoed in the observation windows on the left side of the ship. Wilma Deering and Buck are shown on the opposite side.

It's interesting to note that Marx was unaware that the head gear worn by Buck and Wilma did not actually appear in the comic strip, but was a competitor toy manufactured by Daisy. The publisher thought this would be a way to subtly advertise other Buck Rogers toys and did not make this known to Marx until after the ship was produced.  

The beautifully designed art deco box shows Buck and Wilma waving to the ship as it blasts off. The other panels show the ship racing through "yellow" space from Earth. The endflaps were illustrated differently. One of them shows the ship taking off as it blows through a hole of its own exhaust. Printed on the inner flaps on this end are the original instructions for operating the ship and replacing the flint. The opposite endflaps are all text.  

Size: 12". 

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 2225


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