1946 Wyandotte, "Me & My Buddy" Clicker Pistol in Original Box

1946 Wyandotte,

Superb mint in box example of Wyandotte's unique patented "Me & My Buddy" clicker pistol. Comes complete with original box (the first I've seen for this toy). 

A squeeze of the trigger extends Buddy's shooting arm, while inside the pistol the classic clicking sound is produced. The click and arm movement occur at the same time giving it the illusion of an animated, shooting cowboy.

The toy was originally available in three pistol versions; jet black, lithographed, and polished chrome. All three are difficult to find in good working order primarily because they were well liked toys. It didn't take much for "Buddy's" left pistol arm to bend or crease. Once that happened the animation ceased and it became a "common clicker pistol". 

The pistol is embossed, chrome plated press steel, while Buddy is made from two sheets of lithographed tinplate riveted together. This strengthens the actual body section, but the shooting arm is only one double sided sheet of metal (which is why it was usually the first thing to break).  

The scarce box has a simple two color illustration of Buddy in action. The name of the toy and its moving abilities are advertised on the same panel. The side panels and endflaps are printed with the toy's name, company name, and company address. 

Size: 7½" long x 6" high. 

Sold: Apr. 2006

Price Sold: $ 331


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