c.1950 Marx (U.K.), Speed Cop in Original Box

c.1950 Marx (U.K.), Speed Cop in Original Box

This is the English variation of Marx's Streamlined Speedway, but with one difference. The cars are started at opposite ends of the track. Both are let go at the same time. The clockwork motor's were designed so that gradually the Cop car overtakes the speeding motorist and actually stops the car. That's something I haven't seen before. It's also the first time I've found this toy.

This is an all tin litho set and it is complete. It comes boxed in an incredible full color box with only two words on the cover "Speed Cop". It includes two clockwork auto's (one red, one blue), 10 pieces of track totaling nearly 8ft, original die cast key, original red and blue inserts, and the box. The instructions are printed on the underside of the cover. 

This toy was intended to sell in Great Britain and was produced by Marx's English affiliate in Swansea. For the U.S. collector, it provides an opportunity to own a very unusual auto set toy with an illustrated box showing the drivers on the right side of the car. 

As it shows on the cover it contains a red and blue wind-up vehicle. The blue car has "Police Car" lithoed on the roof. Each has a start/stop lever on the rear bumper. The track was lithoed to look like a yellow brick road with white guardrails. The edges of the track show some type of earthy mosaic. 

The box features the awesome illustration you see below. One glance and there's no mistaking what this toy is all about. Various scenes of the Cop car chasing the speeding motorist are shown on the box skirts. The inserts include a color matching red and blue box for each vehicle, plus an oblong platform in the center. The track pieces fit on either side of the platform. The well designed package is probably one of the reasons why this toy is in such pristine condition.

Size: Vehicles 3¾". Track 90" (8 curves, 2 straights), Box 10½" x 9½" x 1¾".

Sold: Jun. 2006

Price Sold: $ 235


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