c.1931 Wolverine, No.00 3pc. Laundry Set in Original Box

c.1931 Wolverine, No.00 3pc. Laundry Set in Original Box

Toys are a historical snapshot of the time in which they were produced. This miniature steel and wood laundry set is a perfect example of that. It includes the basic Depression era accoutrements required to wear clean clothes; a steel litho washtub basin, a grated scrub board, and a free standing square clothesline with wooden clothespins. All have never been played with. All come complete with their original illustrated box.

The washtub is a perfect miniature of the real thing right down to the embossed rings around the top edge. The outside is red, inside pale green, and underside pale yellow. It has a vertical seam which joins the metal walls together just like the real thing. The scrub board is made from a wooden frame and has a double sided chrome plated pressed steel grate. Lastly the "drier" clothesline rack has a wooden cross base, wooden center pole, and a metal umbrella frame with taught rope. One piece of heavy cord threads through loops on its four corners. It disassembles into seven parts. Instructions for its assembly are printed on the box. Included are wooden clothespins with metal springs. These are to scale and look fantastic, however they are new. Sorry, but the clothes aren't included.    

The original box is rock solid. A unique pair of double tuck-in end flaps adequately seals it from both ends. The two main panels show black line illustrations of the three components. Assembly instructions, toy name, company name and address are printed along side. 

I have no idea why I used a green back ground for the main photo (Jul. 2012).

Size: Washtub 6½" top diameter, 5¼" base diameter. Washboard 6¼" x 3½". Drying rack 9½" tall. 

Sold: Apr. 2006

Price Sold: $ 99


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