1922 Kellerman, No. 256 Charlie Chaplin Hat Tipper

1922 Kellerman, No. 256 Charlie Chaplin Hat Tipper

Georg Kellerman & Co., Nuremberg, Germany produced several variations of their "hat tipper" toy, but this was the only one patterned after a real person. As an unlicensed product it was titled "The Movie Actor". A yo-yo version was also created. It's marked with the Kellerman logo, "Made in Germany", and catalog number.

Many Chaplin toys were produced over the years, but this one in particular captures the "look" of the Little Tramp better than most of them. It's slightly concave giving it a three dimensional appearance. Even the motion of the mechanical-spring arm flexing down and back up in exactly the same position captures the automatic reflex Chaplin used in his movies. The back of the spring mechanism has an old straight pin fixed through the top. A brown thread is tied to a hole in the character's elbow.

The Kellerman catalog shows the string coming down the back and through the center of the legs where there is a second hole. This makes sense because it wouldn't tilt when the string was pulled. The thread and most likely the pin are not original. Spring appears to be original. The toy itself is complete.

Size: 4". 

Sold: May 2006

Price Sold: $ 255


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