1931 Arcade, #234 Ford Model A Dump Truck with Side Dump Trailer

1931 Arcade, #234 Ford Model A Dump Truck with Side Dump Trailer

Scarce cast iron set consisting of a modified Ford Model A Dump Truck cab combined with rocking Side Dump Trailer. The two pieces hitch together using a rare *peg-hitch instead of a wire rod. The Dump Body can swing to either side. Comes complete with original nickel plated driver.

The chassis of both the truck and trailer are bright red. The dump body is green. The truck has its original Arcade decal on the driver’s side door. The trailer has it own original Arcade decal on the left corner, left side, of the Dump Body.

The truck has four 1½” diameter nickel plated cast iron spoke wheels with unusually detailed embossing. In addition something I’ve never seen before are intricately knotted  strings around the tires which represent skid chains! The “chains” on both of the trucks rear wheels are original. The front pair have been newly restrung.

In terms of markings the left inside wall of the truck cab is embossed 233-1L. The right has 233-1R and Arcade. It also has part of its original braided pull string tied to the front axle.

Similarly the Dump Trailer has two rear 1½” diameter wheels. The left tire retains its original skid chain. The right was restrung. It also has two ⅞” diameter parking wheels in front. These are flat rimmed with perforated spokes. The four are all nickel plated cast iron.

The underside of the Dump Body is embossed Arcade. The right horizontal inner chassis wall is embossed 233-4R. The left is embossed 233-4L and Made in U.S.A.

Arcade produced another version of the Side Dump Trailer which used a simple wire hitch. It was also green and red, but all 4 wheels were 1½” diameter. The wire hitch is also more common than the peg-hitch version.

This set had resided with the same Wisconsin family since it was originally purchased in 1932.

*Peg-Hitch; Truck chassis slides under the trailer peg which lifts it into position making a solid coupling.

Size: 13¼” x 3” x 3”.

Sold: Aug. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1150


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