Wyandotte, Marx, Lionel, Keystone, more Targets & Darts

Wyandotte, Marx, Lionel, Keystone, more Targets & Darts

End of year (2008) sale of miscellaneous antique toy parts. This lot includes mostly targets and darts, although there is some other stuff. Here's what you get:

Wyandotte - 25 + 1 broken, 4¼" long red and blue plastic darts with rubber tips. Used for 1950's dart pistol games. 

Marx - WWI lithographed pressed cardboard soldier targets, 16 in all and every one is broken or creased. 3" tall. The original stands are included for those soldiers which had the base broken off. Produced early WWII. 

Wooden crow shoot targets and fence (mfg. unknown) - Shoot'em in the head and they fall backwards over the fence. Hours of fun! Complete except for the 25 value bird on the right with missing beak. 14" x 6". 

Britains - brown plastic horse on green grass base probably had a rider. Marked Britains. 3¼" long. 

White and black spotted composition horse with painted features and paper saddle. Front left leg broken in two places (maybe he should be put out of his misery). 3¼" long. Mfg. and age unknown. 

Keystone - stand up Indian Sending Smoke Signals. Lithographed paper on wood. 4" tall. Mid 1950's.  

Lionel - four accessory track connectors (3 doubles and 1 single) plus some wire. 

Misc plastic - flat 2D Santa Claus (1½") (just in time for 2009) and blue uniformed soldier (2"+). Mfg's. unknown. 

Sold: Jan. 2009

Price Sold: $ 11


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