1949 Schuco-GAMA, Straco "Hit and Go" Car in Original Box

1949 Schuco-GAMA, Straco

Patented by GAMA. Licensed by Schuco. Made in U.S. Zone, Germany. 

Magnificent clockwork tin litho automobile complete with original box, Schuco key, and original instructions. Incredible mint in box condition. It looks like it was never handled, much less ever used. Completely free of any damage or wear. 

Awesome four door sedan with front end nearly identical to a "Buick Special". Chrome plating accessories include beautifully designed "toothy" front grille, front and rear wrap around bumpers, head lamps, split windshield frame, side molding, hood divider, wheel centers, and awesome GAMA shield logo on both the front hood and rear trunk. Tires are all solid rubber with heavy treads.

Early "bump and go" mechanism" uses a skid device under the car which temporarily releases an independent multidirectional "fifth wheel". Once free again, the mechanism lowers permitting only the four main tires to make contact with the ground. Very clever, but not too successful. 

Auto is wound from underneath the chassis using separate (original) key. Stop and go release lever located on the left rear fender starts it traveling. Motor works great, but because of its impeccable condition I didn't test the bump and go mechanism.

Original box illustrated with red version of the auto on one panel and a blue version on the opposite side. Short side panels show two different illustrations of the both the red and blue cars. Drawings include dotted lines to infer that the car can smack into trees, signs, the table edge, and even each other and still keep going. Side panels include the toy name and patent information. 

Five step instructions (printed in US-Zone Germany) include both the GAMA and Schuco trademark names. It indicates that "even a tip by your finger will bring about the most startling action". 

Size: 6½"

One last note: I've had some collectors tell me that it should include a GAMA key. Other's said it should be a Schuco key. Well, Schuco was in the box. It's an authentic old Schuco key and they're not easy to find...so it comes with a Schuco key.

Sold: Jul. 2006

Price Sold: $ 510


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