c.1941 Marx, Spinerette Roulette Wheel in Original Box

c.1941 Marx, Spinerette Roulette Wheel in Original Box

Every 1940's kid needed their own roulette wheel, although judging by the box cover I don't think too many of these went to the kiddies! This is the Spin-er-ette Roulette Wheel by Marx. It includes everything you see along with it's original box which is beautifully illustrated in color.

Outstanding quality went into this toy. The wheel housing is embossed pressed steel, the spinner is tin litho, and the handle is wooden. It has it's original roulette ball which is also wooden. The "toy" comes complete with a list of instructions (with gaming odds) and a huge betting betting layout. 

The spinner is embossed with individual impressions for each red and black number. The inside of the wheel housing was embossed with six diamonds so that the ball would bump and jump, rather than just roll into place. 

The box was printed so that different highlights of the game are emphasized. In addition to illustrations of the game it shows three "not-so-young" kids showing their pleasure (or displeasure) after a roll of the ball. One guy even has his eyes covered because he doesn't want to look at the results! The instructions were definitely designed for an adult. With terms like "no more bets" and "winning chances" I doubt it would hold a kid's attention for more than a few minutes. The super condition of the toy shows that it never made it into the hands of a child or an adult.

Size: Wheel 6½" diameter. Betting surface 33½" x 17. Box 7" square. 

Sold: Jun. 2006

Price Sold: $ 35


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