1998 Superman, "Celebrate The Century" 60th Anniversary U.S. Post Office Display

1998 Superman,

In honor of Superman's 60th anniversary the U.S. Post Office produced a 32¢ first class postage stamp in 1998. The stamp featured a 1938 illustration of the Man Of Steel. The post office used the opportunity to promote the stamp collecting hobby. Die cut stand-up displays were printed with a full body graphic of Superman drawn in the 1938 style. Two holders attached to the base dispensed a fold out pamphlet to the public. The poster has a fold-out easel on the reverse side so that it stands up. 

These were not available for sale to the public and only one was issued per post office. This one was given to me by the Postmaster at the Morris Plains, NJ post office in 1998. I've stored it against a cardboard backing which was placed inside a clear plastic wrap. Styrofoam blocks were placed on either side of the pamphlet holders to maintain their shape. It was printed on thick 1/16" cardboard laminate. Over the years it has stayed flat without any warping. It was stored away from sunlight to protect it from fading.

It was used at the post office, but only briefly. So the easel in back was punched out and set up for display. 

Included with the poster is one of the original Superman fold out pamphlets. Until I took the photo below it had never been opened.

Size: 15" x 11" x 1½". Pamphlet 4" x 8".

Sold: May 2006

Price Sold: $ 26


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