c.1925 Marx, Ride'-Em Cowboy in Original Box

c.1925 Marx, Ride'-Em Cowboy in Original Box

Scarce clockwork toy with tin litho horse and celluloid cowboy rider. Comes complete with even scarcer original box. Production of the toy itself didn't last long and today it's very difficult to find, however the concept of a jumping cowboy rider on horseback was used by Marx for the next 30 years.

Actually it predates the Lone Ranger and Cowboy Rider vibrating toys by more than 10 years. These later toys had only vibratory movement of the horses rear legs. The rider was stationary. In contrast the Ride-Em Cowboy toy has up and down movement of all four legs which causes it to gallop and jump at the same time. This also raises and lowers the rider while simultaneously spinning the lariat. Structurally it may look less elegant than the vibrating toys, but its actions are more realistic. 

Original box features three color illustration of cowboy riding a corralled bucking bronco. Three of his buddies sitting on the corral fence watch the action. Low lying hills and scrub brush is seen off in the distance. Two side panels include assembly instructions. Stamped underneath the text it reads "if horse tips over spread legs apart". Probably a last minute addition. The remaining side panels have interlocking end flaps. 

Originally sold for 25¢.

Size: 7" tall and 6½" long. 

Price Sold: $ 810


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