1934 Marx, Mechanical City Coal Co. Dump Truck in Original Box

1934 Marx, Mechanical City Coal Co. Dump Truck in Original Box

This Marx, Mechanical City Coal Company Dump Truck is by far the largest and most difficult to find of the early Marx's, Mack Style trucks. All tin litho it measures a whopping 13½" long by 5" wide by 5" tall. It's in amazing excellent+ to near mint condition and comes complete with its rare original box. Despite low production I managed to find three or four examples over the past 10 years, however they were always well played with. The truck offered here is, without question, the highest grade I've found for this model and the only one I've seen with its original box. 

Maxine Pinsky, author of Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys Volume II describes it as different from any other Mack truck produced by Marx. Rather than a slanted hood the enclosed cab has straight sides and a radiator with rounded top. Another version with electric lights was also produced which had rubber tires, yellow metal hubs and a large front bumper. I've never seen the non-electrified version with a front bumper, and in fact there are no slots in the frame to indicate that it was originally produced with one.

The cab and hood are orange and has a black roof. The trailer is black on the outside and green underneath. The dump bed is deep red with blue interior. It has dummy head lights and a manually raised dump bed. The front axle can be adjusted into three positions. It's powered by a a strong spring wound motor with attached key. It also features a separate driver. 

The box for the this truck is illustrated in red, greed, and brown. It shows the typical Mack style sloping hood which was included into other trucks from this series. The box was generic used to package at least one other large Mack Dump Truck. 

Size: Truck as noted above. 

Sold: Aug. 2006

Price Sold: $ 2888


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