c.1952 Gilmark Set Of 3 Jetmobiles On Original Box

c.1952 Gilmark Set Of 3 Jetmobiles On Original Box

Here's three Buck Rogers style rockets or space ships called Jetmobiles. Each is an original design by the Gilmark Merchandising Corporation, New York, NY. The three ships are seated in their original die cut, printed, raised platform box. Best of all...each ship is in pristine mint condition! It looks like they were never played with. The box itself grades excellent+ to near mint.

Gilmark produced a variety of inexpensive polystyrene plastic toys during the early 1950's. However, they were most notable for their unique space toy designs.

The three Jetmobiles include (from left to right in the first photo), The Flash, The Supersonic, and The Fireball. Each ship is embossed "Gilmark, N.Y., Made in USA" on the underside.

The Flash - red fuselage with two pair of horizontal wings. The rounded tail fin, multiple exhausts, and wheels are purplish-blue color. Features a "sting-ray like" pair of front wings and six exhaust ports. Uses four wheels. Rear axle measures 2¼" wide, front is only ¾" wide. Length: 4".

The Supersonic - completely red fuselage flanked by two large red exhausts. Double rear wings and two more exhausts can be seen in the rear. Four yellow wheels and axles: 2¼" wide up front, 1¼" in the rear. Size: 4" long.

The Fireball - yellow double decker fuselage with upper and lower wrap around windows,. The single main fin and large rear exhaust are red. Four red wheels and axles; 2" in the rear and 1¼" up front. Size: 4" long.

The Box

A three dimensional raised green and white platform style box was die cut to perfectly accommodate the wheels and axles of the three ships. It holds them securely, yet they can be easily removed. The names of each Jetmobile was printed below. The box itself was designed as a futuristic backdrop to the three ships and could be used as part of the toy. It shows a wide highway with early 50?s style automobiles streaming across an archway which extends into the clouds. Simple images of the Moon and Saturn were printed in the sky area along with more clouds. The front and back of the box were printed only with the word "JETMOBILES" in large capitalized letters. The endflaps (which do open) include the manufacturer's name. The box bottom is blank white, however it does have it's original 29¢ price inside a circle stamped onto it in blue ink. The pieces of card stock which were punched out for the Jetmobile axles are still moving around inside the box.

Size: 8" x 4½" x 5/8".

Sold: Oct. 2009

Price Sold: $ 361


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