1959 Yamazaki, Buick 2-door Hardtop, Driving-Dashboard Car in Original Box

1959 Yamazaki, Buick 2-door Hardtop, Driving-Dashboard Car in Original Box

Extraordinary tin litho two door electric Buick hardtop manufactured by Yamazaki, Japan. Features a tethered remote control "driving-dashboard" controller with mounted instrument panel. Comes complete with original box. Toy is in incredible unplayed with mint condition.

The toy vehicle was accurately designed from the "newly released" GMC models. New for '59 were the wrap-around "picture window" windshields, "delta-wing" canted fins (which were also reflected in the shape of the front end), and a flat roof. The "thriftiest" model was the Buick LeSabre which cost $2849. 

The toy was lithoed in a gorgeous two tone combination of pale yellow and cherry red, which were separated by panel-wide horizontal chrome side molding. In addition both windshield frames, hood molding, squared front grille, headlights, taillights, front and rear bumpers, and hub caps were all chrome plated. The embossed hubs were also lithoed with a sunburst design and a large capital letter "B" in the center. The front and read hood ornaments were "gold" plated. It also includes a fully detailed tin litho interior with plated metal steering wheel, blue tinted celluloid windshields, wide whitewall rubber tires, and a solid plate black chassis. 

The unique "driving-dashboard" remote controller connect to the car by a 3ft. long, vinyl covered tether. The controller consists of a 8" long x 1½" diameter stalk with chrome plated battery cap. Gauges, brake, clutch, radio, and even the front speakers were all embossed. Shadowing was also used.

The end result is a very realistic looking dashboard. The large chrome plated steering wheel controls turning. The brass button in the center of the steering wheel works the horn.  The plated shift lever controls forward, reverse, and stop. All functions work beautifully. Although indicated on the box this version did have electric lights. The reverse side of the controller has lithoed text: Cragston, Remote Driving Control, etc.

The box was illustrated in color and shows a solid red colored Buick with the controller off to one corner. The side panels list the car's actions and include a schematic of the controller. 

Although the overall design and hood ornaments are unmistakably "Buick", the actual product name was not used on this version. However, as previously mentioned it does have the letter "B" centered in the hubs. A second box variation included the Buick name. 

There may be some confusion regarding the manufacturer. "Cragston" was printed no less than 26 times on the box and is prominently featured on the back side of the controller, however this company was not the manufacturer. Cragston was a distributor for Japanese imported toys with enough clout to have their name plastered everywhere. The car was actually produced under a joint agreement by Yamazaki and Nomura, although neither company was credited. 

Size: 12". 

Sold: Oct. 2006

Price Sold: $ 1075


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