c.1951 Yonezawa, Lion Star Machine Gun in Original Box

c.1951 Yonezawa, Lion Star Machine Gun in Original Box

Terrific two piece, all tin litho hand crank machine pop gun manufactured by Yonezawa, Japan. Comes complete with original illustrated box.

Beautifully decorative toy comes in two separate pieces. That's unusual all by itself! The two slide together in the center just below the crank. Both parts are composed of two halves tabbed together. 

The toy has some of the most intricate and down-right strange lithography of any metal machine gun toy I've seen. The wood (simulated?) stock has a large male lion head in the center with three red stars above it. "Lion Star" spelled out in Old English style lettering appears just below the lion. The rear of the stock is embossed with a raised butt. The stock also has an unusual, large notch along the top edge. This was designed to allow you to hold onto the back of the gun while turning the crank. 

The red, white, blue, yellow, and black frame is embossed with five cartridges on each side. On the right side is the large cast iron crank with wooden handle. Winding pulls in the pop cork which is attached by two threads to the inside of the barrel. I only made a short turn to make sure the cork would pull in properly. Completing an entire rotation would probably snap the thread. Finally, the frame has a series of embossed ridges on top and small grip on the bottom. The barrel is a slender chrome plated metal tube flared at the end.

The box is just as nice as the toy. On the cover is a panel wide, full color drawing of the machine gun with night time city skyscrapers silhouetted in the background. A well armed policeman is shown firing the machine gun at a fleeing vehicle. All four side panels have the words "machine gun" printed on them making it difficult for your kids to pass by without noticing. The remnants of its original Japanese quality inspection sticker still remains on one end. 

Size: 16".

Sold: Nov. 2006

Price Sold: $ 138


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