c.1947 KU Occupied Japan, X-Car in Original Box

c.1947 KU Occupied Japan, X-Car in Original Box

Classy tin litho clockwork convertible marked "Made in Occupied Japan" complete with original color box. Features a three dimension figural women driver with clothes and hair style from the mid to late 1940's. Vehicle most closely resembles a Packard Super Eight Convertible. Toy is in NM+ condition and appears to have never been used. I could not identify the manufacturer.

The actions of this car closely follow the design of the Tricky Taxi toys produced by Louis Marx. The left rear tire has a rubber rim to provide friction. The right rear tire also rotates, but has a smooth metal rim. The front two tires are faux, or fake. Both are stationary. Instead, the car balances itself on the extended chassis section underneath the right front bumper. The setup of the rear tires and the balancing point underneath the front bumper keeps the auto turning to the right. A fifth smaller rubber wheel in the center chassis steers the vehicle continuously to the left. This provides a combination of continuous left and continuous right movement simultaneously, which would give it a zig-zag, or unknown "X" movement. 

Although it's only 4¾" long it has a lot of character. It was uniformly painted bright red with gray chassis. The front and rear fenders are extended and the doors and hinges are embossed into the metal. The grille, bumpers, headlights, steering wheel, and hood ornament are polished tin. The tires are all double sided including the fifth, rear bumper mounted spare. It also has a split front windshield and attached key. It works great, but runs for only a short time.

The driver was detailed right down to the padded shoulder dress style. Tiny painted features in the hat and face can be seen. 

The colorful box is illustrated with a scenic mountaintop view. It shows a simple drawing of the X-Car driving through the forest and remote mountain villages. It's signed "KU." in the lower right corner. Another panel has a portrait of the vehicle surrounded by "X Car" and several "?". A third panel schematically shows how the car will not fall off a table top. The fourth panel is dark blue  with "Made in Occupied Japan" printed on it. The dark blue endflaps are blank. 

Size: 4¾". 

Sold: Feb. 2007

Price Sold: $ 188


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