1962 Yonezawa Cadillac Fleetwood 22" 4dr Sedan In Original Box

1962 Yonezawa Cadillac Fleetwood 22

This Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan was one of the largest tin litho friction drive auto's ever produced. Manufactured by Yonezawa it measures a whopping 22" long. It's one of the most difficult Japanese tin toy cars to find; especially in high grade. It grades excellent+ to near mint and comes complete with its original box!

Gorgeous 1962 metallic burgundy vehicle features a gigantic wrap around front bumper, double yellow head lights, a chrome plated front grille, and 11" long tail fins! It also has a wide rear bumper with huge rectangular red plastic tail lights. It has chrome plated Cadillac emblems on both the front hood and rear trunk. The front hood also has a wide chrome plated hood vent and raised fender moldings. All four chrome plated door handles are still in place. The chassis is flat black, embossed, and pressed from a single plate. Tires are solid black rubber with embossed whitewall tin litho metal centers. Overall, it very accurately represents the appearance of the actual car.

One advantage of its super large size is that small details become easily visible. The tin litho interior has front and rear double bench seats. Carpeting and rug mats can even be seen. Dashboard details includes a linear speedometer, push-button radio, air vents, radio grille, and gas and brake pedals. The Yonezawa logo was lithoed onto the front right dashboard and rear window seat. The white plastic steering wheel is 2" wide and has an inner "horn" ring. Both the front and rear windshields are blue tinted and have chrome plated metal frames. The front is plastic and the rear is celluloid.

The box was illustrated with a huge, gleaming, dark blue version of the car against a dark blue background. It takes up nearly the entire cover panel. The Cadillac emblem, name, and trademarks were printed across the top. Yonezawa's trademark is on the lower right cover corner. The box bottom is corrugated cardboard. The original tissue paper separator is still inside.

Size: 22" x 8" x 5¼"

Date Sold: Jan. 2010 $960

Price Sold: $ 960


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