c.1950 Alps, Mr. Robot The Mechanical Brain in Original Box

c.1950 Alps, Mr. Robot The Mechanical Brain in Original Box

Very early Japanese tin litho robot from Alps complete with fabulous original box. Not to be confused with robots of the same name manufactured a decade or more later. It's one of the very few "transitional" type robots built with simultaneously working keywind and battery operated mechanisms. Exceptionally high grade, complete, and fully operational.  

Wonderfully primitive looking robot with squared "riveted" body and barrel shaped head. Made from embossed lithoed tinplate and chrome plated metal. Head rotates manually several degrees in both directions. Facial features, ear caps, knee pads, and triangular backpack button are hand painted. Coiled cranium "spring" is chrome plated and serves as the battery catch. Pulling up slightly and lifting it forward releases the head cap which opens up to hold the single "C" cell battery. The battery lights up the red and green hand painted, squared, light bulb blinking hands. A small switch behind the robot's neck controls their operation.

Mechanically moving rectangular legs with squared feet move in alternate directions, back and forth. Two small rubber rollers on the front underside of each foot gives it a lumber gait. It moves forward only. The backpack antenna raises and lowers. The triangular backpack button starts and stops the internal motor. 

Wonderful box illustrations look archaic compared with those produced only a few years later. Cover print shows robot moving forward with lighted hands. Long side panels include separate instructions for battery and wind-up controls. Short side panels show instructions for battery replacement.

Size: 8".

Sold: Jun. 2005

Price Sold: $ 1515


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