c.1948 Main Machine, Mustang Machine Gun In Original Box

c.1948 Main Machine, Mustang Machine Gun In Original Box

Even if you don't collect toy machine guns you have to love this one. It's the Mustang Paper Cracker Toy Toy Machine Gun. It was produced by a company in Stamford, CT. called the Main Machine Company which I've never heard of. Neither have I ever seen the Machine Gun. In sparkling near mint condition it comes complete with its original box.

Although it measures 2 feet long it's not mechanical or cap gun, but instead it's one of those "paper popper" toys. It makes a pop by rapidly forcing pressed air through a narrow diameter hole. The crank on the right side moves the paper roll to the next position. Any paper rolled up to fit inside the chamber was claimed to work. Newspaper would've been my choice.

What really makes this Machine Gun stand out from any other I've seen is it's design and color. The entire stock, sights, front grip, crank handle, and multiple knurled ring "thing" under the barrel were made from bright white, pale yellow, black, and several shades of gray. These parts are polystyrene plastic. Colors were partially mixed to give them a marbleized appearance and it looks incredible. The sides of the stock were cross-hatched and embossed with the manufacturer's name.

To compliment the psychedelic plastic mix the remaining parts of the gun were made from pressed steel which was polished to a brilliant mirrored shine. These parts are heavy gauge and well made. This includes the frame, barrel, and crank.

The gun loads by pushing a locking tab forward while pulling down on the front grip. It used a series of black rubber corks and diaphragms which appear to be all in place. Turning the crank clockwise works the mechanism. It makes a loud noise even without the paper, but because of the age of the toy and that the rubber has hardened I wouldn't recommend trying to pump paper it. Oh, and it weighs over a pound and a half.

The box was illustrated with a neat black and white print of the actual toy. Set in back of the gun and against a swatch of yellow background is a really mean looking horse. I guess it's the reference to the "mustang", but I thought an Appaloosa had those type of markings. Oh well. The front edge shows schematics for opening and loading the chamber. The toy and company name were printed on the back side. The endflaps were printed with a guarantee on one side (if anything broke you could get a part replaced for $1.25). The toy and company name were included on the other flap. It's complete with all eight original endflaps.

Size: 24"

Date Sold: Dec. 2009

Price Sold: $ 280


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