1958 Linemar, Battery Operated Monorail Rocket-Ship in Original Box

1958 Linemar, Battery Operated Monorail Rocket-Ship in Original Box

Classic battery operated tin litho Monorail Rocket-Ship by Linemar. Old store stock, never used, still wrapped with original rubber bands. Complete with all parts and works great! Comes in original box with printed instructions plus insert.

Silver and metallic blue rocket with red fins travels along continuously in classic monorail style suspended by 10 steel litho trestles which cover a total circumfrence of 12 feet! Switch allows it to move in forward or reverse. "Rails" consists of 12 chrome plated steel rods (six curved and four straights) which insert easily into trestles. Assembled it measures 6ft. long by 3ft. wide. 

Entire toy including the rocket-ship and trestles is steel litho, not tin. Only the rocket's nose cone is plastic. Teal green and black lithoed trestle legs expand and contract. This allows the setup to sit squarely on most surfaces including carpet or linoleum. Trestles are identical.

Rocket-ship has embossed windows with passenger silouhettes in each one. Embossed white striping around the windows with red lightning bolt promotes a sense of speed even when standing still. Uses one D-cell battery. Battery door stays firmly clamped shut during movement. Although it travels over two wheel runners only the front runner provides power, either in forward or reverse. Best of all everything works smoothly without binding or hesitation.

Full color box cover feaures neat panel wide illustration of the monorail passing over a great metropolis. The rails skirt around the cities harbor. Side panels show simple portrait of the monorail near one box edge. Trestles and track lay horizontally across the length of the panel. Side skirts were printed with catalog number and toy name. Instructions were printed on the underside of the cover. Includes complete box bottom and raised insert. Insert was factory stapled 1" or so above the bottom of the box. Trestles fit underneath it. It's the only way to get everything inside the box. Approximately eight of the 10 trestles have their original red rubber bands.

Size: Rocket 10". Box 15½" x 6" x 3"

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 866


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