c.1948 Ohio Art, Like Real Play Food Set in Original Box

c.1948 Ohio Art, Like Real Play Food Set in Original Box

Incredible 20 piece tin litho play food set. Complete, never used, with insert and original illustrated box. Most unusual is the embossing found on this toy.

The food samples were pressed to a depth of 3/8". This enabled Ohio Art to give the peas a marble-type feel, the pork chop has a bone which is thicker than the meat, sunnyside-up eggs with raised yolks and squiggly bacon strips. Even the pie slices topped with chiffon have depth to them. And although the buttered toast slices are 3/8" thick the tops are flat (which is what you'd expect to see on a piece of toast). This huge depth from top to bottom gives the toy not only a correct visual appearance, but a real "feel" as well. 

The set also includes an embossed four place table setting with matching pastel colored dinner and dessert plates. The spoons are all chrome plated and are as heavy a gauge as the dishes to prevent them from bending. 

The most different aspect of this are the represented food groups. 55+ years ago pork chops, mashed potates with gravy, peas, fried eggs with bacon, pies, and buttered toast were mainstays of a "healthy" diet. I wonder which foods Ohio Art would choose if they made this toy today.

The box has a nice 1940's style illustration showing two girls "eating" their play food. The third chair is occupied by a dog "probably because this stuff looks so realistic even Fido was fooled". The box has its original die cut insert which has kept this set in such unbelievable high grade condition.

Size: Box 11½" x 15"½ x 2". Large plates 4" diameter. 

Sold: Mar. 2005

Price Sold: $ 178


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