1945 Unique Art Manufacturing Co., Sky Rangers in Original Box

1945 Unique Art Manufacturing Co., Sky Rangers in Original Box

Wonderful four piece, mechanical, tin litho Sky Rangers toy from Unique Art. Includes high wing monoplane with pilot, dirigible, lighthouse signal tower on base, and balance beam. It comes complete with the original box (scarce illustrated version), original instruction sheet, and four pages of the New York Daily News from January 2, 1946. The papers were used as packing material. Most likely the toy was purchased as a Christmas present, packed away and never played with. It's in pristine near mint condition.

This popular toy features some of the finest multicolored lithography of any mechanical air toy. The monoplane has a yellow fuselage onoplane trimmed in orange. The top wing has a scalloped design in alternating colors. The horizontal tail wing is solid orange. Smoke billows out exhausts located on either side of the fuselage. The engine cowl is multicolored in red, yellow, black and white. The propeller is robin's egg blue. The dirigible shows pilots and enlisted men attending to various activities (steering, navigation, manning the radio, and even breaking for a cup of coffee). The design includes a lower engine section and two upright tail wings. The tower/lighthouse features, of course, ground activities such as skiff storage, ascending the stairway, signalmen, and lookouts. The base represents the ocean.

The plane moves forward using its spring driven motor to rotate the propeller. It's heavier than the dirigible so it flies near ground level, until it really gets going. It will then occasionally rise, lowering the dirigible. It runs well and for a long time. It'll run somewhat longer if placed on a column where neither the monoplane or the dirigible are able to touch the ground. 

The original box has a fantastic full color illustration from the perspective of the men from the top of the tower. The signalman and lookout man the top tier of the lighthouse. The monoplane passes closely and turns upwards to avoid the tower. You can even see the pilot waving to his buddies. Off in the distance the dirigible floats over the shoreline while a bright orange sun rises on the horizon. The illustration is repeated on the rear box panel. The side panels advertise the name of the toy, while the top flap includes Unique Art's famous juggling clown logo.

The instruction sheet describes setup and operation of the toy accompanied by a nice schematic illustration. The old newspapers were packed underneath the base so it didn't move around inside the box.

Size: Tower 9" tall. Dirigible 9" long. Monoplane 7" long, 7" wingspan. 

Price Sold: $ 765


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