1957 Marx, Army Command Car with Siren & Flashing Signal Light in Original Box

1957 Marx, Army Command Car with Siren & Flashing Signal Light in Original Box

Magnificent 20" tin plate Army Command Car in near mint to mint condition. Complete with wonderfully illustrated color box. Comes with original  Military Policeman figure, separate helmet, fender mounted siren, and uninstalled clear windshield in original Marx bag. 

Beautifully detailed lithography. Fantastic red, white and blue side molding details, huge gray and black front "toothed" grille with wrap around bumper, intricately detailed red and black pleated interior benchseats, detailed dashboard with lithoed clock, heater grille, and speedometer, separate plastic steering wheel, lithoed brake and gas pedal, lithoed gold cowl, large wrap around rear bumper with embossed dual taillights and (my favorite) an awesome U.S. Army Eagle insignia including Shield and Stars on the rear trunk. License plates read "U.S. Gov't. 3 WD 25 1957".

Front and rear fenders, side panels, and front and rear bumpers are all embossed. Separate plated undercarriage is joined to the upper body half by neatly folding the exposed metal edges. This results in a smooth and safe folded edge all the way around the body perimeter. 

Friction drive rear tires generate siren sound as it moves. Battery insertion hole complete with swing away contact points. Tires are heavy tread solid rubber with metal hubs. Fender mounted emergency light includes original (changeable) bulb which intermittently works as the rear tires move. It's not supposed to work unless the car is moving. 

Complete with intricately detailed polyethylene plastic soldier with removable MP helmet. Transparent polystyrene windshield was never attached and is still in the original Marx bag. I placed it into the holes for these photographs. 

The superbly illustrated box colored in white, red, black, and green shows a portrait view of the vehicle and driver with the Army base in the background. The shorter panels show a 3/4 overhead illustration of the car and include the instructions for inserting the battery and changing the emergency bulb. The box is an extremely scarce type which uses a full size flap to tuck between the three other endflaps which are all connected. The difficulty in opening this type of box usually resulted in tearing most of it apart (which is why they're rarely found intact). 

Size: 20" long x 8" wide. Weight: Approximately 5 pounds.

Sold: Apr. 2005

Price Sold: $ 1279


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