1951 Structo, No. 500 Dumping Utility Truck in Original Box

 1951 Structo, No. 500 Dumping Utility Truck in Original Box

Fabulous pressed steel Dumping Utility Truck from Structo. Mint in box store stock only recently removed from the Crown 5¢ and 10¢ store, Millersburg, PA. where it laid on the shelf for over 50 years. The original inserts and tissue separator are still inside the box. It retailed for $2.98 in 1951.

The truck has a baked red enamel finish with chrome plated headlights and wheel hubs. It features a spring release lever which raises dump body while simultaneously opening the tailgate. Latched to the bottom of the tailgate is a metal ribbon which maintains it in the open position. When the body is lowered the metal ribbon is pulled back under the bed and allows the tailgate to close. Pretty neat mechanism!

Also includes a hinged front hood which raises to reveal a "Fireball" play motor. Tires are heavy treaded solid rubber with steel axles. Cab doors have the original "Structo Toys" decals.

The information printed on the original box is different for every panel. Printed in red and blue one panel shows six additional Structo truck models. Another panel states that the toy was "child conditioned". The name and address of the retail store was stamped on a third panel, while the fourth includes handling information. 

After looking this truck over very carefully I noticed something unusual. During manufacture excess paint flowed into some of the corners. It subsequently dried leaving several imperfections (see three smaller photo's below). This is quite often seen on repainted toys, but infrequently from the factory. The box tells the rest of the story. The endflaps on one end were torn open haphazardly. Two of them were not inside the box. An auction house or collector would do everything possible not to damage the box. They also didn't wear off from years of handling. You can tell because they're very old seam tears. Most likely the truck was purchased back in the 50's, given to a kid, and opened. The excess paint was noticed and the truck was returned. There it sat to be "discovered" as mint in box store stock 50+ years later. Fortunately the brilliant pristine surfaces far supercede the minor defects. 

Size: 19½" x 6¾". 

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 240


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