1940 Marx, Sand and Gravel Dump Truck

1940 Marx,  Sand and Gravel Dump Truck

Although this awesome example of Marx's Sand and Gravel Dump Truck has been "boxless" for many years its store stock status has nearly retained all of its original luster and paint. One glance can tell you that it's never been played with.

Purchased as unsold store stock from the Crown 5¢ and 10¢ store just outside Harrisburg, PA. Constructed from painted, pressed steel cab and trailer, with tin lithoed wheels (marked Marx) and dump bin. The doors are embossed. The wheels are all enclosed in wheel wells. The rear wells are tear dropped shaped. Its construction was the earliest type used by Marx for their pressed steel trucks. Here's how to tell:

  • The cab and trailer are two separate pieces welded together at the running board. This was difficult and time consuming to produce. The company quickly switched to a one piece system.
  • The chrome plated grille and headlight assembly is one piece tabbed to the body. 
  • The tires are lithographed tinplate made from two pressed disks. The company later switched to wood. 
  • There is no manual dump lever.
  • The single holes on each cab door were used to hold the contact bar for the electrified headlight model. Very few were made. 

Size: 13" long x 4¾" wide. 

Sold: Jul. 2005

Price Sold: $ 415


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