c.1940 Marx, Mechanical Pressed Steel Sand Truck w/Door

c.1940 Marx, Mechanical Pressed Steel Sand Truck w/Door

Outstanding example of a complete pressed steel truck. Incredible store stock never played with in near mint condition. Brilliant yellow enamel one-piece long nose cab and trailer with embossed doors and wheel enclosed fenders. All pressed steel cherry red enamel with 100% complete "Sand" decals on both sides. The bin has a separate sliding rear blue door which raises up and down. 

Dazzling silvery-chrome plated embossed steel grille and headlight assembly with separate front hood divider. Plating is all original. Spring powered rear motor with attached chrome plated key. The bottom of the motor is enclosed with chrome plated folded steel. All four tires are wooden.

Most unusual is the absence of scraping or marks caused by the dump lever. Only one use will scrape the underside of the bed, however this truck doesn't have a single mark to indicate that it was raised. Rear door also reflects the trucks store stock status. It has no scraped paint on the edges around the door. Raising it one time will show it was used.

Like several other toys I've sold recently this truck came from the Crown 5 cent and 10 cent store in Millersburg, PA. It's one of the few reasons why such a high condition truck exists without having the original box and was never repainted. 

Size: 9". Dump bed 3-3/8" wide. 

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 325


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