c.1956 Linemar, Donald Duck Electric Scissors

c.1956 Linemar, Donald Duck Electric Scissors

Unusual battery operated embossed tin litho Disney toy with twin vibrating blades in place of the ends of Donald Duck's bill. Hand-held gun like toy features a rather extended looking Donald perched on top of a green handle. A complete illustration of Donald appears on both sides of the green handle. Squeezing the red metal trigger located under Donald's neck activates the chrome plated blades. Best of all it works beautifully!

The upper halves of the toy are held together with tabs covered with chromed safety caps. They look like little beads. The lower halves are held in place with an unusual series of tabs which all are connected by a wide metal strip. They fasten onto the inside of the toy, rather than the outside. Presumably this was done for safety reasons, but it still looks a little odd. Single battery inserted into the handle and held in place with metal clip. This is the second time I've seen this toy. The first was about 48 years ago in Woolworth's. 

Size: 5½" tall, 5¾" long, 2" wide. 

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 134


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