1939 Marx, Mechanical Speed Racer in Original Box

1939 Marx, Mechanical Speed Racer in Original Box

Outstanding mechanical tin litho racer manufactured by Louis Marx & Co. complete with scarce original box. This particular example was purchased from the family of the original owner. 

This is a large boat tail racer with metallic blue body and silver and black highlights. It has a spring wound motor, driver, and lithoed pressed disc treaded wheels. Engine exhausts (12) and cowling behind the driver are embossed. The Marx logo is on the lower center grille. An identical version of this car was also produced with a silver metal skin lining. The six unused metal chassis tabs (see 6th photo down) were rolled underneath it to hold the lining in place. 

The box is plain text on all panels. It's complete with all eight end flaps firmly attached.

An earlier blue/silver/black version was produced in 1937 and called the Speed Racer. It had blue and cream colored wheel centers. A third version was produced in 1941 without the Marx logo. It had a checkerboard grille and wheels which were half red and half black. There may have been other versions. A #27 red racer with plastic driver based on an Indianapolis 500 race car was also named the Mechanical Speed Racer. It was built in 1948. Its box was red/cream and illustrated.

Size: 13½" x 4¼" x 3¾".

Sold: Aug. 2005

Price Sold: $ 363


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